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Vue.js 3: Composition API, TypeScript and Testing (Re-recorded July 2022)

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About the Course

Vue.js 3 and the Composition API is here!

Learn to build a complex, real world application with the Composition API, TypeScript, Vue Router and testing with Vue Test Utils. This is an intermediate-advanced course. We move fast and introduce all the required topics to build highly dynamic, complex single page apps with Vue.js 3 and the new Composition API.


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What You'll Learn

  • How to use and test new Vue 3 features like Teleport and Suspense
  • Building reusable modules using the new reactivity API
  • TypeScript to create type safe applications
  • Create a reactive store from scratch
  • Using Pinia
  • Using Vite
  • Authentication using JWT
  • Integrating third party libraries from npm
  • Routing, include navigation guards with Vue Router 4
  • Writing and testing complex interactions (testing module coming August 2022).

About the Lecturer

Hi there! I'm Lachlan, Vue.js team member and quality software enthusiast. I am primarily known in the Vue.js community for Vue Test Utils, the official testing library for Vue.js.

I have taught tens of thousands of developers how to write testable JavaScript applications through my courses, books and YouTube channel. I hope you will be next!


Everything you'll need to get started is in the GitHub repository.


Reach out: or @Lachlan19900 on Twitter.

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75 lectures (5.5h total, 1080p, re-recorded periodically)

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Vue.js 3: Composition API, TypeScript and Testing (Re-recorded July 2022)

10 ratings
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